Fantasy Sports and Indie Music are two categories without a lot of overlap… until now. Join host Sean Dekonty and a cast of DIY ruffians in our new podcast as they play test the first ever Fantasy Indie Label League. Not a Sound Presents: Fantasy Indie Label Super Smack-down Deluxe.

Episode 3: “The Schepisode”

Players draft ten bands, each with less than 500,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, and compete against each other every month to earn Clout. Bands on your active roster score points by touring, releasing records, and gaining critical acclaim through Metacritic. At the end of each month the label with the most points earns 3 Clout, the second most earns 2 Clout, and the third most earns 1 Clout. Bonus Clout will be awarded to any Label that releases a record in the Metacritic Top 50 at the end of the year. Whichever label has the most Clout when it’s all said and done wins!

Episode 1: “Fantasy Indie Label Super Smackdown Deluxe”

Monthly Matchup

  1. Salty Canuck Records 33.8 Points
  2. Titanium Alloy Records 23.6 Points
  3. Black Lodge Records 22.4 Points
  4. Garfield Records 19.6 Points
  5. Clout and Dagger Records 10.9 Points
  6. Chungus Records 9.5 Points
  7. White Bread Records 7.0 Points
  8. Bandalf Records 0 Points
  9. Jeff Goldblum Records 0 Points


  1. Salty Canuck Records 3 Clout
  2. Titanium Alloy Records 2 Clout
  3. Black Lodge Records 1 Clout
  4. Garfield Records 0 Clout
  5. Clout and Dagger 0 Clout
  6. Chungus Records 0 Clout
  7. White Bread Records 0 Clout
  8. Bandalf Records 0 Clout
  9. Jeff Goldblum Records 0 Clout

Scoring Breakdown

Tour: 0.5 pt per show

Dropped Show: -1 pt

Van Robbery: -2 pt

Tour Headliner: 2 pt

International Bonus: Tour score x 1.1 (Due to the nature of Europe, if you sign a European band they must leave Europe for their tour to count as International)

Releases: 1 pt per track

Run time: 0.1 pt per minute on the album (rounded up to the next even minute)

Critical praise (over 60): 0.1 pt per Metascore

Critical pan: Reverse scaled Metascore (50-59 = -1, 40-49 = -2, 30-39 = -3, 20-29 = -4, 10-19 = -5, 0-9 = -6)

Sexual Assault Allegation: -15

Other Criminal Conviction: -5

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