Not a Sound is run entirely by Zack Bowman and Ian Miller.

We are currently accepting music submissions for 2019! There are two ways to submit your music to Not a Sound:

  1. Send it via Submithub (preferred): Follow this link to make a quick account and send your music to us and other blogs <a href="http://<a href="; target="_blank" title="Send music">Send us your music on SubmitHubhttp://<a href=”; target=”_blank” title=”Send music”>Send us your music on SubmitHub</a>

    Why use Submithub? Running Not a Sound is a labor of love for both of us, but making this blog what it is requires a lot of time and energy. It also, unfortunately, costs money. Submithub is a cheap service (it will cost you $1) that makes the submission experience better for both sides. For you, it guarantees that we will listen to your music within 48 hours and provide you feedback whether we accept your submission or not. On our end it’s cleaner and better organized than email and it also pays us a few bucks, which helps us to upkeep the blog, advertise so we can put your music in front of more people, and buy the occasional sandwich when we get hungry.
  2. Send an email to with a link to your music (Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud preferred) and some basic information about your project. At the end of the day we want to help you get your music out there, so you can also submit for free via our email. We always get around to our email, but since Submithub is a time-sensitive service we prioritize it first. That means, unfortunately, that we get to the emails when we get to them, and we are also not always as inclined to provide feedback unless we are accepting your submission.

AS A GENERAL RULE WE WON’T COVER SINGLES, REMIXES, OR COMPILATIONS. Our goal is to focus on the album as an artistic medium, so we will only accept LPs and EPs for reviews (we do cover Split EPs). We also want to do our best to keep the blog current, so for 2019 we will only be accepting music released since Dec. 01, 2018. If you’ve got a cool new album coming up be sure to send it our way!

If you need to reach either editor for any non-submission related reason, you can email us at

Zack Bowman has BAs in Philosophy and Social Theory, and a Minor in English Literature from Geneva College. When he’s not writing for Not A Sound he’s playing music with his bands Second to Safety and The Carpenter Downstairs.

Ian Miller has a BA in English Literature from Geneva College and is pursuing an MA in Education at The University of Pittsburgh. When he’s not writing for Not a Sound he’s playing music with his band Dolysods, acting as the figurehead of “The Culture,” or teaching 9th graders how to read and write.

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